Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Critical analysis on is othello a good man.

Othello is not an evil man, but that does not mean that he is perfect either. He is just a noble man in the unfortunate position of being sandwiched between good and evil. The good angel in this case is Desdemona and the evil angel is no one else but Iago. His inability to see through Iago’s treacherous schemes only makes him vulnerable to making the wrong choices,

which he does. For a man who had early in the play confessed to so much live for his wife, he could have exercised better caution when dealing with the false accusations that were being leveled against her (39). It is not hard to see who the evil one is in this play, and it is definitely not Othello. He himself knows that he is not a bad person. He lays the blame on some evil entity that took over his good nature.

Othello’s good nature is what makes him fall for all the lies that Iago feeds him. It seems that he trusts Iago more than he trusts his wife. This is the biggest mistake that Othello makes, and he ends up killing his wife. He realizes what he has done too late and he takes his own life. I think that what Othello does in a moment of blinded rage and misplaced pride should not be used to judge whether he is evil or good. When one considers what Othello has achieved in whole lifetime, it is easy to deduce that he truly is a good man. In fact, his good nature made him to be so remorseful about killing his wife, and that is why he decided to end his life as well. It is quite unfortunate that he had to go this far.

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