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Video games are commonly known as time wasters by parents and educational experts. Many educational experts define video games as tools that corrupt children’s brains. However even with the studies video games also have positive impacts on children, these positive impacts include the development of the brain and increases the communicational levels of children. In the world, almost 80% of the children play video games at least once a month, some of them are addicted spending almost 13 hours of video games per week (8-12 years old). Those of the age 13-18 years spend fourteen hours a week playing video games, an hour more than those of 8-12 years old (metrics 2.0, 2007). In most cases, stopping the children from playing video games is difficult as video games are prominent in most of their lives. Past evidence proves that gaming has more advantages than disadvantages, especially in the development of the brain and improvement in the social life. When a child plays video games, his or her brain is in a real workout, many of the video games require the child to use a lot of skill in order to win through the levels. In this, the kids have the chance to engage the high level of thinking, skills not even in school. Some of these skills include gained when playing video games include, fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and spatial skills, following instructions and problem solving and logic. Children who play violent games have high levels of aggressive thoughts and are more violent, behaviors, and feelings.

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