Chapter Four Reflection Questions ( 40 words or more)

5. Thinking back over your life so far, what are two experiences you can remember where you recognize God’s providential concurrence or governance?

6. The relationship between creation and empirical sciences is hotly debated. What do you believe about creation? How central is this belief for you personally? 

7. When have you wrestled with theodicy? How do you respond to the tension between a loving and compassionate God and the reality of suffering and evil in the world?

8. Read the “Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation” on page 96. Do you think about your treatment of the environment as an aspect of Christian faith? Why or why not?

Chapter Four Reflection Questions (40 words or more)

What did Augustine believe about original sin, and how was Pelagius’ belief different? Which theologian does the Church agree with?

3. What is the difference between dualist and materialist views of human nature, and how do those views differ from psychosomatic unity?

4. If Adam and Eve are the one’s who sinned first, why does that having anything to do with us now?

Chapter Five Reflection Questions (40 words or more)

5. What does being made in the image of God mean to you? What difference does or should it make for your understanding of your identity?

6. What are some ways people tend to devalue their physical nature or spiritual nature?

7. Where do you see evidence of the Fall in each of the following: nature, society, interpersonal relationships, and your own life?

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