APA format

No Plagiarism

2 whole pages and a reference page total (3) pages

Foillow instructions

read scenario

In text citations (a must)


Leaders and managers often have to deliver unpleasant or  difficult information to other employees or other internal or external  stakeholders. How well this news is delivered can affect employee  relations as well as public perceptions.

Review the following scenario:

   A  new company claims it manufactures the best dog food in the market. It  employs around 250 people worldwide. After six months in business, one  of the company’s brands is found to contain harmful bacteria. Overnight,  reports start pouring in from all over the country about pets falling  sick, some critically. The company wants to communicate with its  stakeholders through a memo before major news channels start to cover  the disease.     

Assume that you are an assistant to the company’s  chairperson. Based on your analysis of the scenario and using the  reading material covered in this module, draft two memos for the  chairperson. One memo should address the board of directors and the  other the company’s employees.

Make assumptions about whether it is the food product  that has bacteria or if there is another explanation for the pets’  sickness.

Write a 2-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. 

Use link readings: https://myclasses.argosy.edu/d2l/common/dialogs/quickLink/quickLink.d2l?ou=25592&type=lti&rcode=argosyu-16460&srcou=8198

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