Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Worldview defended.

My worldview does not allow me to go deep within the same-sex marriage ideology as it is not only different but also vehemently opposed by my ancestors who have brought solid reasoning in front of me. Even though marriages bring couples in close association with one another, the most basic point that must be understood is that of empathy – to understand where the couples are coming from.

My worldview framework is thus set from the perspective that marriages bring human beings together and thus there must be a basic pattern upon which marriages must last. It will help resolve the ambiguities if traditional marriages are encouraged as these bring out the best amongst both men and women. Same-sex marriages do not bring any sanity to the related ranks and only make things look gloomier than they are within the world. My worldview is therefore in complete favor of a traditional form of marriages because they bring results which are long-lasting and positive for the family. The same-sex marriages are inherently different from traditional marriages because either of them comes up with divorce in the end, and there is more reason why same-sex marriages lead to such breakups from a strategic perspective. I am hopeful that if the worldview has to change for the better for the people who live near to me, then there is a requirement that same-sex marriages should be bolstered with people who have a good perspective towards life and who want to be successful at building their relationships in a very pragmatic manner.

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