Need an argumentative essay on The Third World Countries: Human rights Violation. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Human right violation is the infringement of any human right. However, before the developments of the idea of human rights, many atrocities were committed on a large scale with no later justice for the oppressed. For example, during the slavery, there was a large-scale commitment of atrocities, which went unrecognised as human rights violation, as the idea of human rights was not in existence at the time. At the time, human rights belonged only to the strong and the powerful. However, through the actions of the nationalists, and human rights activists like Martin Luther junior, the situation changed, but through bitter struggles between two forces. The force was trying to maintain the status quo and the one concerned with bringing a complete change to the world. The spirits of these great men and women grew stronger despite the opposition they faced in their quest.

The idea of human rights came into the limelight of the world after the end of the Second World War. During the second world, the Axis and the Allies committed many atrocities. The World War II introduced the world into a new social structure and political alignment. It led to the formation of the United Nations, which fosters cooperation between nations and aims to stop future conflicts. The war also introduced a new perspective towards human beings. For example, it led to universal laws and rights, which forced countries to set standards based on universally accepted principles.

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