Write a 4 page essay on Self-esteem and sexual behaviors in the youth.

Low self-esteem is what makes the youths believe that their lives are worthless. Persons with low self-esteem grow up with a sense that they have no purpose and that their damaged self-sense makes them harm others. The consequences of low self-esteem are noticeable during the early stages of life particularly puberty. Puberty is the stage where self-doubt among teenagers is at its peak. If the self-doubt combines with low self-esteem, the consequences could be severe. In order to help the youth to overcome such challenges, one needs to have an understanding of low self-esteem. I prefer this topic since I am interested in increasing awareness about the consequences of low self-esteem on sexual behaviors. The article’s objective is to summarize the research findings of self-esteem and related behavioral consequences among the youth.

According to Dawson et al., (2008), male youth with low self-esteem are likely to have sex for intimacy or desire. Adolescents with low self-esteem are interested in validating or enhancing their self-worth, and they consider sex as the best way to do it. Robinson, Holmberg, and Paikoff (2007) also discovered that males are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse by self-esteem reasons. On the other hand, adolescents with low self-esteem engage in sex because of affect management reasons. Whitaker, Miller, and Clark (2000) found that adolescents who have not had sex but had a high expectation of doing it in the next year are likely to have lower self-esteem.

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