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It is true. the dams are hydroelectric and are possessed and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. These four major dams are of great importance in the area since they produce 3033 Megawatts power energy (Whitesell, 2004). More so, they provide navigation, recreation and aquatic conservation.

Rivers include The Snake River which flows through the Snake River valley. It is the largest tributary of Columbia River which empties into the Pacific Ocean runs from known for salmon and other aquatic animals. This river is well known for salmon and other aquatic animals. The natives relied on fish, especially salmon, for food and source of income

The southeastern Washington has fertile farmland where wheat is grown. The region also has strong, reliable winds suitable for wind energy. The wind power development has boosted the economic potential in the region. there is a tremendous increase in employment opportunities and other social, economic activities. However, the rate of crime has risen in the region. The effects of pollution are also felt in the ecosystem, that is to say there is a decrease in farm produce the number of salmon has also decreased. I agree that this region is a place to be because of its beautiful physical features and lucrative economic development.

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