Write a 1 page essay on Race as a factor in the evaluation of the admissions process.

Race as a factor in the evaluation of the admissions’ process

The moral defense of a university’s practice to incorporate race as a factor in the evaluation of the admissions’ process can be examined through the application of diversity and diversity compensation arguments.

The presence of obvious group disadvantage which is experienced by members of a certain race would imply that the consideration of race as a factor in admissions is conducive to the reduction of the racial groups’ social limitations while, eliminating the aspects of historical discrimination, the prejudiced mindset of mass media, educational, occupational and residential segregation and the negative impact of the cycle of poverty.

The accumulation of this aspect promotes the emergence of individual disadvantages which translates into group disadvantage. For example, research on career opportunities and housing arrangements for racial groups indicates that discrimination and stereotyping is prevalent. The presence of these elements adversely affects the ability of minority students and harms their potential for further development. Through the application of the concepts of aforementioned arguments it can be concluded that race can be justified as an element of consideration in the holistic admissions process which evaluates the individual candidate’s abilities beyond the traditional measures of admissions criteria and takes into account the significance of their life experiences.

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