Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Discussion# 3 Nu461 Community Health.

It is the purpose of this brief paper to discuss an “I” recommendation or an insufficient study.

One such “I” recommendation concerns the use of fluoride supplementation for kids of preschool age of six months or older. What this means is that dentists have the option of making this recommendation based on their best judgment,

which in turn is based on the best available option instead of using the best possible option (Duggan, Watkins & Walker, 2008, p. 468) or a case of making do with what you have. Primary clinicians will have to do individual assessments in each childs case rather than making generalized conclusions on the desirability of fluoride as most children at this stage in their lives still have temporary teeth and not permanent adult teeth.

The task force was not able to determine the wisdom of recommending use of fluorides in preschool children by primary care clinicians although it gave a B grade to fluoride use in case where the primary water source of the family is deficient in fluoride. What this means is that the task force found fair evidence wherein the potential benefits outweigh any possible harm for use (USPSTK, 2004, p. 1) and what Dr. Moyer recommends in her video is that parents are informed of this fact by primary care givers and dentists for an informed decision (Moyer, 2008, p. 1).

United States Preventive Services Task Force (2004, April). Prevention of dental caries in preschool children [Topic page]. Retrieved from

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