ACC 410 Chapter 11

How has technology impacted the need for physical protesting?

MLA format, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, minimum of 1000 words. The works cited are not included in the minimum word count. Any articles/web links given in the assignment prompt MUST be cited in your paper and works cited. Any additional research must be cited as well. The work citation must have all sources listed below. You will need to answer through the web links provided, and then do any extra research necessary to answer the questions below in the essay format. Make sure the answers are in order of the question.


1.) After reading about the most influential protests from past and present, do you see any striking similarities between them? Any differences in the way they were conducted or their effectiveness? How does the government classify the difference between a protest group, political violence, and a terrorist organization?

2.) What significant protests are missing from these lists? In light of history repeating itself, what protests do we see being reinvented as a result of changes not being made fast enough or for problems that were not resolved in the past?

3.) Do you believe that most protests are more effective in making a social change versus a political one? Explain.

4.) Are protests effective in helping lawmakers more quickly act on issues simmering in society? Why or why not? Does the emotionality of political violence of terrorist organization activity prompt lawmakers to act faster than with peaceful protests? Why or why not?

5.) How has technology impacted the need for physical protesting? Do you think social media “protesting” is as effective as physically showing up? Explain,

6.) Are there any issues in our country today that would tempt you to get involved with a protest? What issue and why? Would you be more willing to protest online versus in person?

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