There have a company call Las Polleras de Agus. And there have Company profile.

The 11 page paper for content does NOT include the cover page, the table of contents page, and the works cited page ….

The objective of this assignment is to meet or exceed the content requirement addressing 3 theories or concepts in each areas Human Relations, Communications, Intercultural Relations, and Ethics.

Ethics issue …. You only need 3 of the Ethical Yardstick or a combination of 2 Ethical Yardsticks and Strategic Ambiguity

Remember to include in the Introduction the type of organization (vertical, horizontal …note most are vertical) and an Organization chart

Remember to identify 3 key findings of your study in the conclusion

The last task is to prepare an Executive Summary which should be a page describing an overview of your findings in each of the concepts or theories as well as including your 3 key findings.

Remember to include a Works Cited page

The 10-minute Oral Video presentation of your PowerPoint or Prezi should be 10 minutes

Remember to review the rating sheet to ensure you have complied with the requirements for this project.

This course has been about meeting the criteria for each assignment and conforming to an expected timeframe; also known as project management and time management.   This approach provides the framework for working within constraints of a business environment.

Once you get into the business/government/non-profit world you will be expected to comply with the organization’s “way of doing things” which means you will need to focus on Why/What/How/Who should be included in successfully meeting the project or program goals.  There will also be a time management requirement, that is the “When” will the project be due. This time management of “When” may include incremental milestones as well as a final expected due date.


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